Know About Patent Search

Congratulations! You have come out with an invention. People start saying, why don’t you patent it? Many people make billions by filing patents. You are ignited. You think your invention is worth a lot. Yes, nobody has done it before. But how can we be […]

Making Inventors

New technologies and findings are introduced day by day. These technologies drive the economic and social lives of people. For a nation to be successful, it should be self-sufficient in these technological progresses. In order to have a rich resource of highly talented people, well […]

Patent: A Moving Target

Patenting is very important for effective business, if such business involves inventions. But how easy is to get a patent? Read more for to know strategical approaches in the patenting journey.  Without patents, the efforts and money spent on an invention may be all for […]

Signs of Inventors

Do you want to become an inventor? These simple signs may be an indicator of an inventor inside you. Invention An invention can change your life and the world you live in. So, don’t ignore these signs. You Think a Lot Thinking is a joyful […]

Inventing for Patents

Inventions can come out from an intense desire to solve a problem. But, inventions are also done to make use of the patenting system. Read if you are in this business of inventing for patents. An invention can change our life. An invention comes out from […]