Marketing Inventions

You have come out with an invention and you don’t know how to make money from that. This audio article will teach you how to market your invention.

What is PCT?

Patents help to protect inventions. But we cannot apply for a globally valid patent in a single application. But PCT can help you simplify the process. Learn more about PCT here!

What is IoT?

Tables talking to chairs and pen talking to paper. This is the wonderful world of IoT. Hear the audio article to know more about IoT.

Inventions Triggered

Do you think inventors are a special category of people? No, with proper inputs, anyone can become an inventor. Inventors are not born as inventors, but they are churned out. Sometimes they are inspired by inventions, sometimes by inventors, and sometimes an intense desire to […]

Patent Trolls

There are companies that develop or manufacture nothing, but earn millions by just suing other companies. Learn more about patent trolls in this article. Apple Vs VirtnetX Apple patent war with a Texas based company called VirtnetX is famous. In one of the court proceedings […]

Inventors and Managing Personal Life

Inventors usually forget about their personal life and immerse themselves in experiments. Let’s see how an inventor can manage both his personal and professional life harmoniously. Invention is an art. An inventor is a celebrity. But for an inventor, invention is not an easy business. […]

Patent Roadmap

Many people are ambitious on inventions and many inventors are ambitious on patents. But are you prepared to take a patent journey. Then, learn about patent roadmaps. Ambitions on getting a patent can be achieved with good planning and proper strategies. But we need to […]

Attracting Investors to your Invention

The words invention and investment has many similar letters. The relation is not only lexical, but these words are interrelated by practice also. In order to come out with an invention you have to invest your time and effort, because the process of invention requires […]